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Cohort #5 is open now for registration and applications. It will run: 

  • Week 1:       05-09 February 2018    Week 2:       16-20 April 2018
  • Week 3:       11-15 June 2018           Week 4:       10-14 September 2018. 

Please click here  to register and access: (1) The official course details as they become available; and (2) the main application, assessment and approval process. (This excludes funding - please read carefully the detailed note in this folder).  Remember: if you’re not registered we don’t know you're interested. (Avoid that ‘yes but I spoke to…’ disappointment).  AND don’t worry: it commits you to nothing  until and unless you also apply…  

You can apply now by: (1) downloading the application form; (2) completing it and your CV; and (3) uploading both here in the folder. 

Deadline? Friday 27 October 2017 (17:30) after which submissions will not be accepted. Early application is strongly recommended.  Interest in this cohort is running at high levels:  

  • Already registered? Click on the box header to access the folder... 
  • Thinking about a later cohort?  Scroll on down to Cohort #6 or to Future Cohorts.  

Enrolled students please click on the box header for folder access. First teaching week starts Monday 04 September at Buckinghamshire New University’s Missenden Abbey centre.   Queries: please contact CHCR's administration manager, Liz Clark.  

Cohort 003 is nearly complete.  The last teaching week ran in June 2017 and graduation is expected in November.   Enrolled students can access here the course folder.  Or simply click the box-header. Queries: please contact CHCR’s administration manager, Liz Clark

Provisional teaching weeks are:

  • 1:  08-12 October 2018;   2:  03-07 December 2018
  • 3:  04-08 March 2019;      4:  13-17 May 2019. 

Please note: we may begin earlier in June 2018.  In which case W1 will be 25-29 June and the cohort will finish earlier in March (04-08 per above).   Please click here to register and access (1) the official course details as available and (2) the main application, assessment and approval process (excluding funding - see detailed folder note).  Remember: if you’re not registered we don’t know you might be interested. (Avoid that ‘yes but I spoke to…’ disappointment). You commit to nothing until/unless you also apply.

You can apply now: first register; download (from this folder) the course application form; complete and upload together with your CV.  You can apply now.    And if you're thinking about a later cohort?  Scroll on down to Future Cohorts… 

Important note: to ensure that you receive updates please set your email safe domains to include: @chcr.org.uk AND @elearning.chcr.org.uk   ++   In some organisations with special Administrator provisions, you may need to request these settings from your IT colleagues. 

Please click here to register IF you: 

  • Are interested in applying for a future CHCR PgCert-HC cohort (i.e. 007 or later) as and when dates are announced; and/or
  • Wish to receive occasional CHCR updates about the PgCert-HC and other activities.

And if you're already registered, click the box-header to enter the folder.

Completed and graduated 100% November 2016.  The folder remains open to all Cohort 002 graduates. Click here (or on the box-title) to access course.