This folder is provided as the main mechanism to effect the IP Transfer required under the provisions of the November 2018 contract between NHS Improvement and CHCR Enterprises Ltd.  Over time, the folder will populate with five sets per course module/week. 

(1)   CHCR Fifth Edition Originals (PDF 2018):  this collection is for reference only.  It is what we actually delivered in C5-W1 on the original CHCR template.  It is the baseline.

(2)  NHSI Fifth IP Transfer Edition (PPT 2019):   this collection is now available.  Necessarily to comply with the contract we have conducted a comprehensive review:

  1.  Transferred the original (A) to the new template;
  2. Replaced  all images with transferable free ones.  The originals came from a multiplicity of sources (including University and consultancy) which were, for the most part, non-transferable.
  3. Replaced or updated a number of individual slides where copyright limitations apply. In a very small number of cases where replacement was not feasible the original slide is retained with a copyright note.

 (3) NHSI Ed 6-7 Delivery C6-C7 (PPT, 2019):  this collection is now available. It is a development of the Transfer Edition (B) and contains a number of departures.  

(4)  Out-takes: again per contract and your request, we have reviewed any cases where sessions which appeared in one or more of C1-C4 W1 were subsequently discarded or moved.   These out-takes appear here with notes.  

(5)   Other documentation:  this remains to be populated but will include e.g. assignments and grids. 

This folder is for sharing principal documents (e.g. recruitment) which are collaborative between CHCR and NHSI in regard to the NHS PgCert-HC and related matters.