Welcome - this folder contains the penultimate stage of the  applications process.   That is the Bursary Application (in many ways rather similar to a Personal Statement).   Students with approved Bursary Applications go forward to a final interview with NHS head of comms development, Alison Brown.  

Welcome!  This is the application process for Cohorts 8 & 9 of the NHS postgraduate certificate in health communications.  That's 'NHS PgCert-HC' for short.    Your initial registration and acceptance on this site constituted Stage 1 of the process.  This is Stage 2.  

Please crack on, read carefully and keep to the deadlines.  Remember, if you have any queries (no matter what), you can contact one of the CHCR Team at any time: 

  • Course administration, logistics, what's it like on a day-to-day basis?   Course manager, Liz Clark (liz.clark@chcr.org.uk)
  • IT - where do I find, I've lost a file, can't work this out...  IT support,  Chris Finney (chris.finney@1choice.co.uk)
  • Course content, how it works, the application process...  Deputy Director, Dr Bill Nichols (bill.nichols@chcr.org.uk)