An Introduction from Alison Brown, Head of Communications Development Programme, NHS England and NHS Improvement



Good communications and engagement is at the heart of how the NHS engages with patients, public, communities and our staff. The leadership and expertise provided by professional communicators has a vital role to play in improving the patient experience. Our NHS communicators are leading innovation on a daily basis, whether by delivering high profile campaigns that lead to desired behaviour change, leading public consultation and engagement, or providing high quality information to patients, public and staff.  

If you aspire to leadership in NHS engagement and communications, this bespoke NHS Postgraduate Certificate in Health Communications will help prepare you to achieve your ambition. It aims to develop both strong practitioners and future leaders.

The course seeks, among other key objectives, to improve your strategic understanding, planning and delivery of organisational and system objectives. It aims to improve your skills, methods and understanding of ‘what good looks like’. It also focuses on developing your soft skills including confidence building, decision making, ‘managing up’ as well as your understanding of legal and NHS policy frameworks for major service change. 

The joint NHS England and NHS Improvement communications development programme is committed to continuous learning, supporting the development of operational skills and strategic leadership in engagement and communications across the NHS system.

Clearly set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, we recognise that with the need to meet the growing expectations from our patients, to involve our staff in transforming ways of working and work closely with partners to deliver safe, effective local health services in every community, the role of the NHS professional communicator is crucial. This course helps prepare professional communicators to deliver on these expectations and commitments.

See the course details for a full content outline.   

Alison Brown, Head of the NHS Communications Development Programme

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